SP/V HUTA 1505

Suction diameter


Pumps casing

Ni-hard 4

Discharge connection Ø



Bainitic Nodular or Ni-hard 4

Impeller Ø (vanes)


Wearing plates

Ni-hard 4

Width in the impeller


Suction mouth

Ni-hard 4

Spherical pump passage

155 mm


Steel 34CrNiMo6

Hydraullics Drive

2xVoac hydraulic motor, via a gearbox

Jet water:

Max. rqd. Oil flow

700l/min (continuous)



150 mm

Continuous rqd. Oil pressure

225 bar (delta p)

Advised min.

avail. capacity

200-350 m³/u, at 5 bar

Motor speed with this flow

Approx. 1,450 r.p.m.


The impeller is of a closed type with 4 vanes and is statically on the impeller shaft by a torque coupling. Sense of rotation, seen to the suction side: Clockwise.

Pump performance:

Pump speed w/ max oil flow

Approx. 700 r.p.m.

Max avail. Power at pump shaft

Approx. 250 kW

Capacity DOP 3025

See QH curves

Power taken off at the shaft

See QH curves


Oil lubricated mechanical seal seals the shaft.

Working depth:

Maximum working depth for the standard executed DOP pump is -40m. However, greater working depths are possible after special adjustments.


-       The suction pipe is provided with a suction mouth with 8 jet water nozzles and a dirt grit or alternatively with a flat suction head with jet water ring and dirt grit.

-        A protective casing, made of steel, is surrounding the dredge pump and drive.