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At Huta Group, we never miss an opportunity to impact the society in a positive manner.

We believe in investing in significant factions of society that need dedicated attention so as to become a valuable corporate citizen.

HUTA Group constructed and manages an exclusively designed Training Center for Special Needs citizens that gives these valuable individuals the opportunity to uncover their hidden talents and become an integral part of today’s society.

HUTA Group has taken an initiative directed towards University students by offering them valuable internship programs to refine their knowledge and prepare them to become active & productive professionals of tomorrow.

The following is a message to all those concerned.

We may not always have a vacancy for a position that suits you.

If a relevant job vacancy isn’t available, we would be happy to receive an unsolicited application to save in our databank for future use. In such an event, you may send your application by e-mail to recruitment@huta.com.sa

Thank you.