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We ensure the adherence of unparalleled standards for fostering a healthy environment that we operate and live in. ISO 14001 has been awarded to Huta Group. Our policies are designed in a way which protects and enhances the environment. We must always strive to minimize adverse effects arising from our business activities and promote a positive attitude towards the conservation of our delicate environment.

At Huta, we are committed to:

  • Protection of the environment from all types of pollution both inside and outside the company in all forms that occur i.e. Air, Water, Land and Noise pollution sources.
  • Compliance with all relevant current Environmental Policies issued by International Environmental Organizations.
  • Maintain plants, equipment, systems and working conditions which are within feasible limits, safe and without undue risk to the health of all employees, contractors, visitors and the general public while avoiding damage to property and adverse impact on the environment.
  • Periodically review the environmental objectives at each relevant function within the Group.