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Huta Hegerfeld Environmental Works Ltd has its eyes on the future – always! It is for this simple reason that it keeps the nature and environment close to its roots. It has envisioned to always foster projects that are eco-friendly, sustainable and not challenging the ecological balance over decades. These projects are both for private and public sectors, and, include but are not limited to economic cities, defense, recreation, industrial, petrochemical and coastal development endeavors. The multi-dimensional set of capabilities of Huta Hegerfeld Environmental Works Ltd is always attentive and responsive to critical environmental issues and challenges of today by consistently investing in the environment with an underlining belief that it is actually an investment towards people and their promising future.

Our approach to any Environmental Impact Assessment addresses:

Environmental Consulting

flash icon Environmental Monitoring and Survey
flash icon Environmental Impact Assessment and Planning
flash icon Strategic Sustainability Consulting
flash icon Environmental Geology

Environmental Consulting

flash icon Environmental Baseline Surveys & Habitat Assessment
flash icon Marine Studies
flash icon Contaminated Site Management
flash icon Ecological Restoration & Pollution Cleanup

Geographic Information System

flash icon 3D Visualization and Modelling
flash icon Maps and Geodata Products
flash icon Mapping and Data Capture
flash icon Surveying

Waste Management

flash icon Medical Waste Management
flash icon Solid Waste Management
flash icon Hazardous Waste Management

Environmental Laboratory Services

flash icon Water Quality and Waste Water Analysis
flash icon Soil and Sediment Analysis


flash icon Wind Energy