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Over the past 50 years, HUTA Hegerfeld has contributed heavily to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been involved in significant fundamental projects related to the infrastructure of the peninsula that value over US$ 3,500,000,000. With the ever evolving needs of Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure development, HUTA Hegerfeld expanded its services rapidly, especially in the past decade and emerged adeptly across the fields of Civil Engineering, Building Works and Foundation Engineering. With its grip and galore of knowledge in the fields of Civil Engineering, Contracting and Design services, HUTA Hegerfeld is robustly delivering in the following areas:

Civil Engineering

flash icon Roads
flash icon Bridges
flash icon Tunnels
flash icon Utility Infrastructure
flash icon Industrial Installations

Foundation Engineering

flash icon Piling
flash icon Diaphragm Wall
flash icon Shoring

Building Works

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