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Life is all dependent on water. It is a natural resource that ensures sustainability of life on this planet. Given the climatic conditions & usage patterns of water in the Middle East, it is imperative to deal with this resource with utmost care and caution.

At Huta Group, a specialized company with the name of HUTA Water was set up in 2007 with an aim of materializing the most innovative projects pertaining to water related assignments. Ever since its establishment, HUTA Water has conceived two major Reverse Osmosis plants each in Petro Rabigh and King Abdullah Economic City (2009) with an individual capacity of 20,000 cubic m/day and 10,000 cubic m/day respectively. The Petro Rabigh plant has been supplying portable water to Aramco, Rabigh and other contractor’s communities in the Kingdom.

HUTA Water is setting up another massive plant in King Abdullah Economic City; the project is on the verge of completion and will have an impressive capacity of 45,000 cubic m/day.

The specialization of HUTA Water can be grouped into two major areas of:


flash icon Desalination of Sea Water
flash icon Portable Water Supply to Regional Markets